The Club’s Codes of Conduct for Players and Parents are shown below.

Code of Conduct for Players DSC Code of Conduct Players

Code of Conduct for Parents DSC Code of Conduct Parents

The Club’s policy for Child Protection is shown below.

Child Protection Policy     to follow

Guidance on player concussion  concussionreport2018


The minutes of Committee Meetings are available below.

AGM 27 May 2014 DSC AGM 27 May 2014 Minutes

AGM 2 June 2015 DSC AGM 2 June 2015 Minutes

AGM 7 June 2016  DSC AGM 7 June 2016 Minutes

Committee Meeting 3 May 2017 Minutes of Committee Meeting 3rd May 17

AGM 6 June 2017 DSC AGM 6 June 2017 Minutes

Committee Meeting 26 September 2017 Minutes of Committee Meeting 26th Sept 17

Committee Meeting 13 March 2018 DSC Minutes of Committee Meeting 13 Mar 2018 

AGM 12 June 2018 DSC AGM June 2018 Minutes